Siren Sisters can be found on Mixcloud here.

The mix „Blaze bright & peaceful“ was made to celebrate women’s day and the release of Vibronic’s album „Woman on a mission“ in 2018.

In 2020, Siren Sisters played at the Dub Conference Radio Session in Berlin. Give thanks for the hospitality & niceness, Tom Bauminista! Check out his radio shows, every sunday 10-12 pm Berlin Time.

You might also like to listen to this youtube or spotify playlist of omega tunes that carry lots of vibes & a strong message. I play king’s music, too, but for these two playlists I focused on music made by female musicians or producers.

There are not too many videos with I&I, but here is glimpse at some Siren Sisters‘ sessions in Munich: A last tune video with Sista Awa from a session at Sunny Red in 2016 and from a session with Toroki in 2019, both powered by DubRise Soundsystem.